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Why it all starts with the perfect framework...

When I was working in my corporate career I learned a lot about product development processes and how to optimize this process from product idea, through specification, development, manufacturing and launch.

Now working as a business consultant & trainer, I want you to benefit from what I learned as well. After all, it's hard to get your new product ideas realized, am I right?

That's why I started developing a framework to support you in your new product creation journey.

I realized that it's the way of working in creating new products that makes a big impact on your go-to-market timing, investment costs and personal energy level.

Following a certain order in activities, using a checklist of all deliverables, and using handy templates is the way to go.

But the biggest game changer?

Following my new product development framework.

Not only does this set your project up for success, I found that it supports me in working efficiently through my day!

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